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ebay alternative

After studying and comparing a handful of different auction sites, I’ve come up with a #1 Top Pick ebay alternativeeBid

With eBay’s ridiculously high fees and unfair policy changes, I was searching the web for an online auction site. Found one…

Click Here For eBid

But be warned… eBid is missing a few features that eBay has. But I still think it beats paying those high fees that eBay charges. See for yourself on the comparison table below:

Min. Listing FeeFREE$0.10
Max. Listing Fee$0.05$4
Min. Final Value FeeFREE8.75%
Max. Final Value Fee3%13.75%
Attention GrabbersYESYES
2nd Category$0.052x Listing Fee
Additional Pics$0.05$0.15
Layout CustomizationNOYES
End Listings Early/Cancel ListingsNOYES
Cancel BidsNOYES
Change PictureNOYES

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As you can see, eBid charges way less in fees than eBay does. And even though eBid is missing some of the flashy lights that eBay has (like custom layouts, the ability to cancel listings, bids and to change images), I’d still go with eBid over ‘FeeBay’ anyday.

With a little time, as eBid’s popularity grows, they will undoubtedly add these features which will then solidify it’s contention for top online auction site.

The alternative to ebay – eBid’s Key Features

Low Fees

eBid has very low fees. Zero cost to register. Zero listing fees. Dirt cheap 3% final value fee (as opposed to eBay’s 8.75% to 13.75% FVF). You can upgrade to Seller+ for $2 to $50 depending on the length of the membership you choose. Choosing this upgrade lets you sell with zero final value fees.

Selling Features

If you upgrade to a Seller+ account, you can open up to 5 stores with no extra fees. If you want to have more than 5 stores, it’s only $1.99 a month per store.

Feedback System

Like eBay, eBid has a feedback system to keep both buyers and sellers in check. But eBid allows both the buyer and seller to leave feedback on their experience (unlike eBay who recently retracted sellers’ ability to leave feedback on buyers).


eBid has several secure payment methods available including PayPal, Google Checkout, and pppay.com.

eBid also has the same auction features you’d expect to find at any online auction site. Features like reserve price, blocking bidders, seeing how many people viewed your listing, and more.

If you’re looking for an ebay alternative, then eBid could be the best eBay alternative and is definitely worth looking into. Click here to go to eBid.

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