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After studying and comparing a handful of different auction sites, I’ve come up with a #1 Top Pick ebay alternativeeBid

With eBay’s ridiculously high fees and unfair policy changes, I was searching the web for an online auction site. Found one…

Click Here For eBid

But be warned… eBid is missing a few features that eBay has. But I still think it beats paying those high fees that eBay charges. See for yourself on the comparison table below:

Min. Listing FeeFREE$0.10
Max. Listing Fee$0.05$4
Min. Final Value FeeFREE8.75%
Max. Final Value Fee3%13.75%
Attention GrabbersYESYES
2nd Category$0.052x Listing Fee
Additional Pics$0.05$0.15
Layout CustomizationNOYES
End Listings Early/Cancel ListingsNOYES
Cancel BidsNOYES
Change PictureNOYES

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As you can see, eBid charges way less in fees than eBay does. And even though eBid is missing some of the flashy lights that eBay has (like custom layouts, the ability to cancel listings, bids and to change images), I’d still go with eBid over ‘FeeBay’ anyday.

With a little time, as eBid’s popularity grows, they will undoubtedly add these features which will then solidify it’s contention for top online auction site.

The alternative to ebay – eBid’s Key Features

Low Fees

eBid has very low fees. Zero cost to register. Zero listing fees. Dirt cheap 3% final value fee (as opposed to eBay’s 8.75% to 13.75% FVF). You can upgrade to Seller+ for $2 to $50 depending on the length of the membership you choose. Choosing this upgrade lets you sell with zero final value fees.

Selling Features

If you upgrade to a Seller+ account, you can open up to 5 stores with no extra fees. If you want to have more than 5 stores, it’s only $1.99 a month per store.

Feedback System

Like eBay, eBid has a feedback system to keep both buyers and sellers in check. But eBid allows both the buyer and seller to leave feedback on their experience (unlike eBay who recently retracted sellers’ ability to leave feedback on buyers).


eBid has several secure payment methods available including PayPal, Google Checkout, and pppay.com.

eBid also has the same auction features you’d expect to find at any online auction site. Features like reserve price, blocking bidders, seeing how many people viewed your listing, and more.

If you’re looking for an ebay alternative, then eBid could be the best eBay alternative and is definitely worth looking into. Click here to go to eBid.

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Policy Changes Leaves eBay Sellers Looking For Alternatives – Part 2 – ebay alternative.

eBay Leaves Sellers Looking For Alternatives

This is a continuation from the originating post: “Policy Changes With eBay Leaves Sellers Looking For Alternatives – Part 1″.  Click here to read that post.
Other issues that are causing eBay users to second guess the website as a viable selling platform include:
  • Unfair Feedback Policies – Sellers used to be able to leave feedback on buyers. But eBay changed this. Now, buyers can leave feedback on sellers, but sellers can no longer leave feedback on buyers. And as you may well know, eBay’s feedback system penalizes sellers who don’t have at least a 4.6 rating in all 4 areas. This rule leaves the sellers’ hands tied because some unscrupulous buyers may opt to leave negative feedback without contacting the seller about exchanges, returns or refunds or instead of just trying to workout any misunderstandings. Some new buyers, lacking a good understanding about shipping costs, will leave negative feedback about these things unjustifiably.
  • Poor Communication – There have been many complaints that eBay does not communicate well enough with the sellers. If sellers are experiencing any issues, eBay often times gives them the runaround. Sellers are receiving  automated responses via email. Sellers are unable to reach management. Sellers don’t have the ability to appeal suspensions which are often times unfair and unjustified. Once a seller’s account is suspended, they cannot contact customers who may have already placed orders. No bueno. This leaves the window wide open to negative feedback which does major damage to a seller’s reputation and potential profits.
  • Account Suspensions – Suspending accounts for low DSR’s is cool. We get that. But there have been many sellers claiming that their accounts were suspended suddenly because eBay deemed them to be “security concerns”. Ah, c’mon eBay! We don’t buy it…
  • Buyers Cheating – Since eBay’s new policies went into effect, there has been some growing tension between buyers and sellers on the platform. Some sellers say that buyers have been trying to get away with not paying for items and lying to cheat the system. Ebay has done little to combat the problem.

All in all, eBay could definitely use some vast changes to improve the sellers’ experience as well as the buyers’.

Recently, there have been some new auction marketplaces popping up online to contend with the heavyweight eBay. These sites have been found to have lower fees, better communication with their users, and all in all providing a better experience for their users.

Click here to see the online auction site than most people are saying is better than ebay.

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Policy Changes Leaves eBay Sellers Looking For Alternatives – Part 1 – ebay alternative.

Sellers Looking For Alternatives To Ebay

Click here to see the online auction site than most people are saying is better than ebay.ebay alternative

As huge as feeBay – ehem, excuse me, I meant…eBay is, with over 16 million items listed at any given time, over 248 million registered users, over 6 million items added every day, there is ever-increasing demand for an alternative to ebay.

Yes, eBay is the market leader in the online auction industry. But, no longer is their large market share due to them being the ‘best’ at what they do, rather it’s simply because they pioneered the online auction business. The truth is, folks are getting really agitated with eBay for a number of reasons. So much so, that sellers and buyers alike are seeking alternatives to eBay when it comes to selling and buying goods online.

There are many problems on the eBay platform that is causing such dissatisfaction amongst its users. The most notorious of these issues include:

  • Increasingly High Fees – Over the years, eBay has added more and more fees and has also increased the fee amounts. Some people have dubbed the platform ‘feeBay’ for this very reason. Users have found that these fees are cutting heavily into their profits as a seller. One user said that even with his 20% Top Seller discount, he regularly pays $700 to 800 per month in fees. Sellers are finding that what used to cost them $2 to $3  just a few years ago is now costing them over $20. Many sellers recommend seeking an alternative auction site and to avoid eBay altogether.
  • PayPal Fees – In order to sell on eBay, they require you to accept all forms of payment, which include credit cards. However recently, they have taken away the option to accept checks and money orders which basically reduces their ‘accept all payments’ requirement to ‘accept credit cards’. The easiest way to accept payments online? Drumroll please… PayPal (which eBay just so happens to own). Now here’s the kicker; Personal accounts are free, however Personal accounts cannot receive credit card payments from other PayPal accounts. Ain’t that a bunch of crap?! In order to accept credit card payments through PayPal, you have to upgrade your PayPal account to a Premier or Business Account. Translation: “Use PayPal or DIE!!” Ebay is really putting one over on the sellers here. Not only are they profiting from the fees sellers pay to list their items for sale, but they are also charged an eBay fee when the item sells, as well as a PayPal fee for accepting the buyer’s payment! Craziness! Sounds like The Mob to me.
  • Buy.com – There are over 200 items within Buy.com’s eBay store. Judging from the sheer number of Buy.com listings that are popping up everywhere on eBay, it appears that Buy.com is not being charged any listing fees. This obviously gives Buy.com an advantage regarding their pricing and profits. Many sellers feel sour about this because it is no longer a level playing field.

Continued on Outrage With eBay Leaves Sellers Looking For Alternatives – Part 2…

Click here to see the online auction site than most people are saying is better than ebay.

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